MADNESS Tasche für Neoprenanzug und Umziehmatte
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MADNESS Tasche für Neoprenanzug und Umziehmatte
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AFTER-SURF Umzieh Tasche
100% Nylon Waterproof
Ideale Wetsuit Tasche auf der man sich umziehen kann und danach das nasse Neopren einpacken und transportieren kann.

Leave the sand at the beach and not in your car!

How many times have you changed out of your wetsuit and cursed the gritty, sandy car park as it covers yourwettie with enough sand to fill a cement mixer? Fortunately those days arenow numbered.

Designed for easy changing from wet and dry clothes.
When unzipped the bag opens out into a circular changing mat that has a heavy-duty nylon base designed to protect your feet. A padded centre aids comfort whilean easy-to-clean plastic top makes for an ideal changing platform. Once disrobed you can leave your wetsuit on the mat and zip the sides up to create a neat watertight bag.

If you are tired of changing in mud, gravel, oil or water then the Moonbag allows you to change on aclean dry surface. Once changed you can keep your wet clothes or wetsuit in the bag.

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