Our surf shop for wave surfers is THE surf shop online.

Hakuna Matata, Aloha and Ahoy from the Hang Loose Surfshop's surf galley.
We are the refreshing surf shop for wave surfers and surfers who are already or would like to become wave surfers. The surf shop online with lazy vibes, good vibes and holiday feeling.
For years we have been searching for the perfect wave, the perfect time and the perfect surf session. We would like to share this surfing experience with you and pass it on. Whether you're looking for a surf road trip, a plane trip to a surf spot you've always wanted to surf, low budget surf safari or a short trip to the North Sea, we're guaranteed to have the right surf equipment for you in our surf shack.

You can't get more hang loose?

Yes, you can!


Just like us, you can rely on our high-quality surf products and you won't have to worry about your surfing equipment during your trip and you can concentrate on the important things of a surf trip, namely having a good time, catching some waves in a relaxed way and making the most of your time at the sea. We've tried to find a great mix of sustainable, eco-friendly products and high performance surf stuff for the ultimate barrel. As multifaceted as the sport of kings, as surfing is, we have tried to put together our surf range.
We hope you have fun surfing and flowriding in our online surf shop. And if you ever have a question about a particular product, we're guaranteed to have a relaxed, expert answer to your question between two coconut drinks and a mental surf session.

So until then .... Hasta banana and see you soon

your Hippi Hipster Soulsurfer Crew

from the Hang Loose Surfshop


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