EcoPro Classic cork Tailpad Grippad one piece
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EcoPro Classic Cork Tailpad one-piece for your surfboard

- 100% cork granulate

- one pieces | 30cm x 30,5 cm

- Made with high quality M3 adhesive

- natural grip

- made in Europe

These tailpads are made of 99% cork. The 1% is the high quality M3 glue to glue the Grippad to the surfboard.
This pad is the most environmentally friendly that the surf market has to offer. As the cork grows, the cork trees bind more Co2 than is emitted during the manufacturing process.
The pads are made from residual material from the industry.
The EcoPro Tailpads are characterised by a very strong and natural grip. Also check the three-part tailpad or the two-part traction pad for fishboards.

Available from: 23.10.2020 (Pre-order is possible)
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 Why are EcoPro tailpads so environmentally friendly and durable?

We introduce the ecoPro® Cork trcation pad, the most environmentally friendly flu pad in the world.

Made from 100% cork Agglomerate.

Why cork?
Cork is 100% natural, elastic, impermeable, lightweight, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.


The cork oak is the only tree whose bark regenerates for about 250 years in the course of its life and can be harvested about 15 times.

Cork forest
Produces an enormous amount of oxygen, ensures the retention and storage of over 20 million tonnes of CO2.

Fights climate change.
Prevents the deterioration of soil quality.
Regulates the water cycle.
Combats desertification.
Creates jobs.

The cork forest provides habitat for endangered species such as the Iberian eagle and the Iberian lynx.

The cork industry is considered a CO2-neutral energy source, as more than 60% of the energy demand is covered by the cogeneration of cork dust into electrical energy.

The cork used for the production of cork agglomerate comes from different sources:

From the first and second bark which is stripped off, from trees which are not suitable for cork production and from the remains, chips, pieces and waste from other cork industries.

After being ground together, this granulate is the raw material for the production of cork agglomerates.

From the agglomeration of these cork granules, composite agglomerates are produced by an agglutination process using pressure, heat and a binder.
Developed entirely from cork agglomerate, the Cork Traction Pad combines traction, comfort and durability

By making the cork traction pad in one solid piece, we ensure greater strength and increased durability.

The EcoPro©UniBody technology offers a greater and stronger grip on the surfboard, the result is a flat pad.


We design a unique tread pattern that combines powerful traction and comfort.

Cork is a fabric, and to get the best out of its natural material, we have developed the Cork Traction Pad for use in wet Environments.

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